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What are the best places to ski near Boulder, Colorado?

keystone colradoOther than the small resort Eldora, located 21 miles (45 mins.) west of Boulder, all the skiing that Colorado is famous for is about 1.5 – 2 hours away. Even though Boulder is right next to the mountains, people who live in Denver are closer to the ski resorts. That’s because from Boulder you have to go south before you start going west on I-70 to get to Keystone, Breckenridge, Copper, Loveland, Arapahoe Basin and Vail.

If you want a day trip, Eldora is great, but it’s small and usually windy. But, when there’s a good upslope storm that hits Denver and Boulder, the snow there can be amazing. But Eldora usually misses out on lots of snow that the other resorts further west get.

Loveland is the second closest to Boulder, but just barely. It’s another smaller resort like Eldora with old-school lifts and shorter runs. And if you’ve driven that far up I-70 already, you might as well just keep going and hit up the handful of resorts that are just on the other side of Eisenhower tunnel.