Prospect New Town

Prospect New Town is a New Urbanist housing development located on the southern edge of the city of Longmont. The whole concept of New urbanism is to bring the comunity back together. In the urban sprawl sub-divisions, people come home, open the garage door, drive in, never to be seen again – not in Prospect, here neighbors are very social. In Prospect you will find smaller streets, and streets that are not set up in a grid type pattern. Most homes have large front covered porches, lower 4′ tall fences around the yards, Lots of parks, and different price points of homes, townhouses and apartments.

The western portion of the neighborhood is predominantly composed of single family houses and mostly families with young and some older children live there. The western area also contains the oldest buildings in the development and the more traditional styles. As soon as you head east or south, things start getting more modern.

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Prospect New Town Street View