Longmont Colorado Top-Rated Restaurants

Longmont has delicious, diverse and multicultural dining choices. See below for many of the best restaurants in town.

Sun Rose Cafe134 reviews powered by Yelp
Janie's Cafe74 reviews powered by Yelp
Benny's Tacos49 reviews powered by Yelp
Samples217 reviews powered by Yelp
Mike O'Shays110 reviews powered by Yelp

Longmont Colorado Attractions

Union Reservoir – Union Reservoir is a 736 acre body of water providing many outdoor recreational activities including fishing, swimming, wakeless boating, camping, windsurfing and picnicking.

Golf – There are three golf courses located in Longmont: Sunset Golf Course, Twin Peaks Golf Course & Ute Creek Golf Course.

Left Hand Brewing Company – Swing by our Tasting Room for a tour and a few pints of their balanced portfolio of handcrafted ales & lagers.