Pros & Cons Of Living In Boulder, Colorado

All pros and cons are naturally subjective, but hopefully the list below spotlights some things you may not have considered when moving to Boulder, Colorado.



  • High cost of living
  • Extremely white (91%) and not very diverse (see demographic info here)
  • If you live in central Boulder, expect loud parties from CU undergrads
  • Lots of rich, liberal, yuppie, trust-fund, hippies
  • Very dry weather – bring your chap-stick
  • Not very green – except for the evergreen trees, the place takes on a desolate brown grass color for six plus months of the year
  • Crazy City Council has weirdo ordinances and nanny-state sensibilities
  • Altitude affects everyone for a period, and your cooking forever. In particular if you are a baker you will have some adjustment pains.
  • Traffic while not bad is not great if you plan on commuting long distances during peak periods
  • A little isolated – the closest city is Albuquerque, a 450 mile, 7-8 hour drive. Runners up at 500-600 miles include Salt Lake, Omaha and Kansas City.
  • If water recreation is a serious thing for you, you will find Boulder lacking. You’ve got boulder creek which sports some inner tubing in the summer and Boulder Reservoir are that’s about it