Boulder Employment

A Look At Boulder County’s Job Market

Employment In Boulder
The city of Boulder is an important employment center for Boulder County, representing approximately 56% of the individuals employed in the county.

According to the City of Boulder’s latest estimates, there are approximately 96,800 individuals employed in Boulder and employment in the city is expected to increase to 116,230 (+20%) over the next 25 years. The latest Colorado Department of Labor estimates available (October 2010) indicate there are 162,944 employed in Boulder County. Over the next 25 years, county employment is expected to grow to more than 190,000 for an increase of 17.7%.

Between 1990 and 2000, employment in the city increased from 72,691 to 98,858 for an average annual increase of 1.8% and county employment increased from 127,654 to 156,543 for an average annual increase of 2.2%.

The unemployment rate in the Boulder area has increased over the past two years, reflecting the economic downturn. The local jobless rate peaked in June 2009 at 7.4%. The current rate (December 2010) is 6.5%.

Boulder’s unemployment rate has remained consistently below state and national rates.

Boulder Unemployment Rate

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