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Boulder Transpostation
Alternate forms of transportation in Boulder is very prevalent. Its no wonder Boulder was named #3 on America’s Healthiest Metros by The Atlantic Cities in 2012. The average travel time to work in Boulder from 2007-2011 is 22 minuets.

Boulder residents are more likely to work near home, have shorter commuting distances and commute times, and are much more likely to use alternative transportation to travel to work than the national average. According to US Census data, 85% of employed city of Boulder residents work within Boulder County including 73% who work in the city of Boulder. Almost half (46%) use alternative modes of transportation to get to work, nearly twice the national average (24%).

Boulder Transportation

By Bus

About 5,189 people in Boulder, Colorado use public transportation to commute for work. This represents roughly 10.3% of workers in the area. The bus system is operated by The Regional Transportation District (RTD) which owns and operates Boulder’s Community Transit Network. Boulder ‘s Community Transit Network makes it easy to get where you’re going. The colorful HOP, SKIP, JUMP, BOUND, DASH, STAMPEDE and BOLT buses offer convenient travel around the city and county, and are great ways to connect with RTD buses for longer trips. Even better, employees of businesses within downtown Boulder can get free bus passes. See if you fall within the boundaries eligible for a free pass here. Find more information about routes here.

By Bike

Bicycling Magazine named Boulder #3 on America’s Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities in 2012. For more details check out this interactive bike route map.

Boulder B CycleDon’t have a bike? No problem. Boulder supports a bike share program called B-Cycle. With close to two dozen bike stations across the city, you’re never far from picking up a bike. All you need is a credit card for a days rental, or year long subscriptions are available.

By Car

An average breakdown of travel time by car:

Broomfield 30-35 min
Longmont 15-20 min
Erie 25 min
Westminster 25-35 min
Superior 15-20 min
Louisville 15-20 min
Lafayette 25 min