Boulder Real Estate

Finding A Home In Boulder County

Boulder Real Estate

Finding a place to live is one of the most exciting experiences a newcomer to Boulder County can have. After all, Gallup rated Boulder #5 in the Top 10 Cities for Well-being, March 7, 2012.

Boulder County has shown a dedication to preserving and maintaining its open space. Due to the government’s core value of protecting open lands, urban sprawl is nonexistent and real estate holds its value very well. Over the past four years, homes in the Boulder area have held their value better than the national average.

Rate Of Appreciation Boulder County

Homes can be found in all price ranges throughout the county, with the highest average sales prices for homes located in the city of Boulder.

Real Estate Sale Prices Boulder County

The Boulder home market is thriving and is currently an excellent investment opportunity. Recent home sales statistics show decreases in the prices and sales volume for single family homes in the city of Boulder over the past year and with the guarantee of no decrease in open space to make way for more proporties, an investment is bound to increase in value.

Boulder County Home Sale Prices